Quiet Chaos

There’s so much noise that it’s quiet

I try to forget the chaos

A normalcy you meant for good

Made me hate you more

I’ll never understand why you did it

Why you stayed so long

Why you took his abuse over and over again

He was a land mine that never stopped exploding

A sheep too afraid to jump the fence


You stayed

I can forgive you

I understand a little more why you did it

Why you stayed

I’m not as angry

And I’m especially no longer scared of the monster

I’m free

I hope you are, too

By Elizabeth Mendiola – copyright 2018

Sensitive Beats

A wrestling mind leads to a juggled and perplexed heart

A heart once strong —

Turned sensitive with each beat a thought brings

Thoughts of love

Some bitter
Some bruised
Some kinder
Some used

Where does a mind go when it’s lost and doesn’t know it?

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2018

Love’s Tale

A lover of words dismisses facts from a pulsating heart

A rough, crack-opened hand is worth more than the jewels stored in your box

For you’ll one day die and leave them all behind

But a heart directly handed to you – seals the leaks you’ve been trying to mend all your life

Build your kiss

Savor the one you’ll come to receive

Even when you believe he’s late, never disregard a lover’s heart…

It’s always on time

By Elizabeth Mendiola ©️2018

Bringing it All Together

But he said, she said
Yet, neither one has a clue
How many times did he say she said?
Did it make sense?


Complete oblivion

Then — silence
No one speaks
Or maybe one said too much

Poor soul
Little does one know
How much is actually being said
When there isn’t much left to say

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2018

Pero él dijo, ella dijo
Sin embargo, ninguno tiene idea
¿Cuántas veces dijo él que ella dijo?
¿Tenía sentido?


Completo olvido

Entonces — silencio
Nadie habla
O tal vez uno dijo demasiado

Pobre alma
Poco se sabe
¿Cuánto se está diciendo realmente?
Cuando no queda mucho por decir

Por Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2018

Give Heart ♥️

It’s a greater love

And then it’s gone

How do you render it back?

Was it bruised before you knew of it?

Did it love you right back, or did it simply appear that way?

So many questions to ease the aching and jittery heart

But take heart! — Knowing someone greater, full of wonder, crowns you with an utter and deep-water love which no one could ever snatch away from you again

This love doesn’t count errors made

It persuades one into loving back again

Take heart

Keep heart

Then maybe, you can give heart

By Elizabeth Mendiola

Copyright 2018

Winter Hues

Colors of laughter coined in color
Vibrant winters with gasping shades of blue
Rolls of thunder sharing their lightening view
Long walks in hopes to reach you

But it is too cold now and I’m going back inside
Returning to a warmth who greets me
One who loves me
One who believes I am

By Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2018

Colores de risa acuñados en color
Inviernos vibrantes con tonos jadeantes de azul
Rollos de trueno que comparten su vista iluminada
Largas caminatas con la esperanza de llegar a usted

Pero ahora hace demasiado frío y vuelvo adentro
Volviendo a la calidez que me saluda
Uno que me ama
Uno que cree que soy

Por Elizabeth Mendiola
Copyright 2018